Comfort, Style and a Healthy Dose of Speed

Super car level performance, not showy, not flashy, just if you know you know.

-Dr. Michael Metz

Let me preface this by saying Mike isn’t afraid to drive his car the way it was made to be. I believe this gives him a unique ability to describe how driving this car truly is, and while many exotic car owners consider themselves the temporary care taker of a piece of history, of automotive art, Mike loves his car and loves to drive it. Thankfully, he agreed to be a part of The Cultured Cars short, but growing history, and as such, I was able to experience this car at the hands of Mike; Shocker, it did not disappoint. 

Now, I’ve driven a number of different cars over the years; All with varying levels of power, vastly different handling characteristics, and just different dynamics all around. I have to say, the 550 is one I was not prepared for. While my BMW is track prepped and jas completed any number of track days, I can’t help but think the 550 was just tighter. With limited body roll and a planted suspension, it granted a feeling of confidence, and while Mike drove, it was quite obvious he had the same thoughts. Now it’s unfortunate the Low Country doesn’t have any rolling hills, but if you know where to look, the occasional switchback can be taken advantage of, and that’s exactly what we did. Following close behind in the camera/chase car, I had no chance of keeping up with Mike(perhaps due to comfort of my own car, but I also had a camera strapped to the front); Let me say I’m not upset about it because the symphony coming from the exhaust was beautiful and is well worth a listen if you ever have the opportunity. 

I won’t go into detail about the specs and specifics of the car, because frankly I don’t know them and you deserve more than me just regurgitating something I’ve read off the internet. After all, the video we produced above does a good enough job at showcasing the basics. 

With this being the first “Article”, and me writing this over a year after having driven in the car, my memory is a bit fuzzy, so I think I’ll leave this here. With that said, let this be an introduction to the articles to be posted in the future. Expect them to be an outline of the car, of the experience or the story the owner may want to portray, or our very own experience driving the cars. If there’s anything else you think you’d like to see or hear, please feel free to use the contact form to send us a short message!

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